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morasse-arpentage-geodesie-historique-nord-00When Jean-Paul Morasse (1938-2008) founded Morasse in 1978, he had already acquired more than 23 years of surveying experience. Specialized in the design and manufacture of survey and geodesic markers, his company started in Canada. Later, building on a reputation for quality products, and for adapting to the requirements of diverse markets, Morasse markers began to appear far and wide. Today, they can be found on almost every continent. This growth was made possible thanks to Morasse's ability to comprehend market requirements and to innovate rapidly in response. Standards of quality established by the founder have now become a family tradition perpetuated by sons, Richard and Jacques. Richard manages the company and its customer relations; Jacques oversees the production and design of new products and manufacturing processes.

morasse-arpentage-geodesie-historique-nord-02Morasse is a leader in research, constantly on the lookout for the latest technological advances and innovative processes necessary to develop products of the highest standards. In order to adapt its products to the specific needs of its clients, Morasse welcomes their comments and suggestions.
Morasse sets the standards for reliability and stability in the design and production of markers. Its reliability is underscored by its quality products and prompt service. The lowest price on the market is evidence of its stability. Also, unlike many other companies, Morasse is not a here-today, gone-tomorrow operation likely to disappear overnight without a trace. Even the occasional client can be assured of uninterrupted service and product availability.

In U.S.A. some of our products are available via Berntsen International.
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