Survey and geodesic markers, signage plaque,

design and manufacturing



Separate cover are available to replace missing or destroyed covers.  Available for soil or asphalt purpose.

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  • Product code COUREGS/COUREGR

lifts for aluminium covers are also available in 25mm, 50mm and 95mm sizes, allowing the protective cover to be raised when new coat of paving is added.

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  • Product code HAUSSE1/HAUSSE2/HAUSSE4

When a natural support is not available you can attach your plaques to this 1,80m galvanized "U" shaped beam.  Pre drilled holes to match most witness plaques.  Also available:  bolts and screws.

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  • Product code POTBAL

The stainless steel ties from Panduit are the best to attach your witness plaque when nails aren't an option.  Available in one size: 33" (838mm) by 0.31" (7.9mm)

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  • Product code Coupan

Our geodesic monument driver will help protect the head of your marker while providing a larger striking surface for driving your marker.  Available to fit common gaz powered hammer and conventional hammer.  Can fit: T02165, TT2235, TR2235.

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To mark additionnal data field on your markers.  Letters and Numbers stamp set.

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  • Product code POICHI/POILET

Our high density polyethylene protective covers will protect and ease the access to your geodesic monument.  Always with an aluminium lid for regular soil installation.  Two sizes are available: 20cm height (REGMIX1) to be used with the T02165 also the 31,5cm height (REGMIX2) for use with the TT2235, TR2235.

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  • Product code REGMIX1/REGMIX2

Our protective covers will protect and ease the access to your geodesic T02165 monument.  Available for use in regular soil and also for asphalt.  When using with TT2235 and TR2235 you must add a 95mm lift. (HAUSSE4)

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  • Product code REGALUS/REGALUR

These markers are made from a 25mm round iron bar with a threaded section.  The brass or zinc caps are also threaded to fit the particular regulation of municipal and provincial governments of Ontario.  Our engraving department will customized all your caps.

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  • Product code Z02150CUI

25mm diameter galvanized steel pipe.  This 1,65m long marker is equiped with a twisted point to ease the driving in soil.  A zinc cap with a magnet will ease the location on the field.  Engraving with custom printing is available.

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  • Product code T02165